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Based in Odense, Denmark, we are a leading digital agency with a strong presence in the MedTech sector. We leverage targeted marketing to drive your business growth. We excel in digital marketing, design, and development, all aimed at maximizing pipeline growth.

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MedTech Marketing:
Precision Targeting for Maximum Impact

In the realm of MedTech marketing, a niche focus is not just an option, but a prerequisite. Your specialized area may be incredibly specific, necessitating a laser-like focus on reaching the appropriate audience. Our expertise lies in aligning various campaigns on both paid and organic platforms to target the right stakeholders effectively. 

These stakeholders can range from clients looking for cutting-edge medical solutions to patients seeking effective treatments, investors interested in high-potential ventures, medical professionals striving for advancements in healthcare, and other relevant parties. Each stakeholder group requires tailored targeting and messaging, and we excel in crafting and delivering these. 

Our focus as a MedTech Marketing agency is to ensure that your message effectively resonates with the right audience, thereby maximizing your marketing efforts in the MedTech arena.

Strategic Channel Selection

Effectively navigating the MedTech digital marketing landscape requires strategic channel selection. While there’s a plethora of platforms available, it’s crucial to focus on those that best suit your business and niche.

Some channels may not align with the needs of your key stakeholders, thus rendering them irrelevant. Therefore, it’s not about the quantity of marketing channels utilized, but the quality and relevance to your specific business.

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Google Search Ads

Precisely target keywords used by key stakeholders to engage them when they’re seeking your services.


Rule the organic results by using keywords proven as effective converters through Google Search Ads.

Microsoft Ads

A budget-friendly platform offering similar results as Google Search Ads, but on a smaller scale.

Meta Ads

Gain cheap exposure to a large audience by targeting stakeholders based on interests and demographics.

LinkedIn Ads

Directly market to your dream clients or attract funding by showcasing your product and digital savvy directly to users with a certain jobtitle or employer.

Twitter Ads

Efficiently brand your MedTech solution among tech-savvy users, at a cost lower than Facebook.

Youtube Ads

Utilize ChannelFactory to choose specific channels for exposure, gaining large-scale, precise visibility at a low cost.

Native Advertising

Target niche-specific media, use UTM-parameters and conversion attribution to compare performance with other sources.

And more...

The internet is filled with advertising platforms and other opportunities to gain exposure as a MedTech company with marketing ambitions. We help you discover the opportunities.

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Navigating policies and regulations
as a MedTech Digital Agency

In the intricate world of MedTech marketing, we understand the multitude of constraints advertisers often encounter. Local regulations can significantly restrict your promotional content and claims, particularly when your product is on the path to FDA approval, necessitating a cautious approach to messaging. Moreover, digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, among others, have their own unique policies governing ad content and target audiences. This adds another layer of complexity to the marketing process. 

Additionally, the MedTech industry is characterized by extensive documentation requirements, significantly greater than most other sectors. Sadly, many agencies lack awareness of this crucial aspect, leaving you vulnerable to potential legal repercussions, including fines. 

As a MedTech Marketing Company, we’re well-versed in these complexities and committed to navigating this challenging landscape effectively, ensuring your marketing strategies are not just compelling, but also compliant.

Revolutionizing MedTech Marketing with Innovative Strategies

In the MedTech industry, we offer a multitude of marketing hacks tailored to suit your specific needs. 



  • We strategically promote physical events across platforms like Google and LinkedIn, seamlessly integrating digital and traditional marketing strategies.

  • Using our tool of choice, we help you pinpoint exactly which businesses are visiting your website and understand which traffic segments convert into relevant interest, leads and customers.

  • Our approach also includes measures to eliminate spam-traffic and pushing Google to issue refunds where necessary.

  • Furthermore, we understand the power of patient awareness in driving demand, and thus, we design our marketing efforts towards patients.

    By so doing, we compel your prospects to take action, ensuring they provide optimal service to their patients.


Our innovative solutions aim to navigate the complex landscape of MedTech marketing, ensuring efficacy and compliance in your promotional endeavors.

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Streamlining Lead Qualification with a Tailored System

In our commitment to facilitating seamless MedTech marketing, we’ve devised a simple yet effective system that allows you to clearly delineate which Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) should be considered Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), and which leads are progressing into valued clients. 

This unique system fosters a team-oriented approach, positioning us as an extension of your team rather than an external entity. It also enables us to make qualitative evaluations with a profound understanding of your specific circumstance as a Marketing Manager/CMO and the predictable opinions of stakeholders on your next internal meeting.

By streamlining the lead qualification process, we ensure that your marketing efforts are more targeted, efficient, and ultimately more successful.

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